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Date: December 29, 2022

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  1. Why are you so sure she would get custody if you're the sole provider and she has no income. Why couldn't you make a case for custody?

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  3. You were too young to move in with a guy in the first place. Especially one that is at the age of settling down and having already experienced life, and you've been introverted. He should have realized this would come, sooner or later, but we can't discount the possibility that he got involved with an introvert thinking that he'd never have to worry about them cheating on him.

    Break up with him, move out, go online your life, and let him on-line his. You'll both be better off.

  4. thank you! never believed the Hollywood depiction of love, and after 13 years together, I’ve got a notion of what it is: it’s trust, respect, awe, dedication, kindness and openness. some of it is lacking by now. I’m trying to understand if it is salvageable.

  5. OMG. GET OUT. There is no way this guy is a good guy. You need to call it quits with him ASAP. And take care how you do it. I think it’s time to be busy and really social ( keep other people around) so you are not an easy target. This guy obviously gets nasty when things don’t go his way. There is no way he is anything resembling your dream relationship. Staying with him equals total misery.

  6. You are single and she is an emotionally immature coward. You do not owe her any kind of notice just go online your best life. If she reaches out have a response ready like “I waited for 6 weeks and you did not have the basic decency to even check in. You were clearly in no place to be in a relationship and I’ve moved on since you ghosted. Best wishes.”

  7. It sounds like you feel left out when he gets invited to things and your partner doesn't. I can understand why that would be frustrating, especially if you feel like it's not fair.

    It's interesting that you mentioned your sister's boyfriend had some money management issues in the past, but now he's financially savvy. It sounds like he's made some positive changes, which is great to hear. Maybe it's worth giving him another chance and seeing if things have improved between you guys.

    As for the invitations, I can see why you feel like it's not cool to just show up with an extra guest without checking first. It's always better to ask, right? Have you talked to your sister or your mom about how you feel? Maybe there's a way to work out a compromise or find a solution that makes everyone happy.

    At the end of the day, it's important to remember that family is family, and sometimes we have to put our differences aside and find a way to get along. It's not always easy, but it's worth it in the end.

  8. Skip it entirely. Your mother is trying to erase your father. The only other option – is to dance with both to part of the song you pick.

  9. i know a person in the country I was staying at with my friend. my friend and I added them on instagram so that we could message them and ask them for places to go. not even 30 minutes later my boyfriend has noticed that I was following this person (i follow 1100 people so that’s crazy that he would even see that) and started saying “i hope it was worth it” and then called me and asked me if we had hung out with them (we didn’t). I said no and told him that I just wanted to be able to have a good time here and if you can’t trust me not to fuck every person I talk to then there’s nothing I can do about that. 😅

  10. In that case.

    I would be single immediately if my Gf heard me boasting about a naked woman that I was checking out…

  11. It wasn‘t like… one mistake. She kept doing it over and over and gave no fucks about you when she cheated. That should tell you what you have to know.

  12. Lmao and that’s why you’re full of it

    Not many women is going to put her body through hell for a man that has no trust in her and believes her to be a liar and a cheater.

    Without trust, a healthy relationship is impossible

    Sounds like therapy is in order

  13. Agree, agree, agree.

    It is absolutely not worth it having someone around who is trying to prevent you from being your best. It sounds like he's sabotaging because he's insecure. Very bucket of crabs.

    These kinds of posts are amazing to me. My partner is more traditionally successful than I am. I do everything I can to be supportive. I've also bettered myself in the areas he is much stronger in to a significant degree, because I have someone right there whose habits I can observe and who can give me advice and encouragement when things seem overwhelming.

    Ruining your future is not worth it for any guy, ever. It's like that old trope where the girl puts her future to the side to follow her high school boyfriend to whatever he's doing next to be his housewife, except at least in that situation, she's only killing her job prospects which is somehow better than becoming an alcoholic and switching to living fully off of frozen meals while living a sedentary lifestyle on top of it. If the girl in those stories is making a good decision relative to you, I think that's a surefire sign to reconsider some of your choices.

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