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  1. 1) “Long-distance relationship isn’t for you“ until it’s with the right guy, and suddenly it works. (And if it doesn’t work, you weren’t right for each other after all.)

    2) You are already his best friend and want him to spread his wings and use his chance at betterment. Hold on to that thought. And since you are already aware that comparing your lives and envy/jealousy will be a problem for you, work on that consciously and use the opportunity to grow out of those feelings. In addition you could also think about ways to make your own life more interesting while he is away.

    3) If indeed he has a romantic interest in you, he will appreciate knowing it’s not one-sided, and that will also make him more or less immune to the advances that other girls might make on him. If you misinterpreted the situation, his time away will give you time to detach yourself from him emotionally.

  2. If this were her EX, I would have some what think it could happen, but a best friend boyfriend … are you insinuating that your GF of 7 years is having casual sex with this guy? Tbh I have never yelled out any name while I am having sex but then I am a guy … if that matters.

    She is just going to deny everything, so I doubt talking to her would help. I think it is best to talk to him. Go talk to him all angry like but absolutely no physical contact. You do not want to go to jail over a cheating B. Tell him your GF told you that they have been having sex and now she is pregnant. See how he responses.

  3. If she's doing fake phone calls, that's really bizarre. She could also just have really frequent phone calls with her friends, some people do. Either way, she's gotta go.

  4. Nothing is wrong with what you asked. What’s wrong are the people in your house don’t respect you and this is a toxic situation and your husband doesn’t care about how you feel.

  5. If you're cheating on your long distance boyfriend you just never mention the dude. You're not gonna find out are you?

    But just so you know – the best most trustworthy person I know has never betrayed anyone, let alone me. The fact the most trustworthy person you know has cheated on you isn't a good sign bud.

    Long distance relationship at college doesn't work imo. And this post demonstrates why. You are missing too much information about a person to ever feel secure. You never see their body language for example, when thats one of the clearest ways to read a person. None of the physical affects of a relationship really happen.

    It really sounds like its just one of those things. Let her go. Her world is too exciting and tempting for such a young relationship. And you can find someone in person.

  6. At least you kept your sense of humor.

    When is that meeting with her parents?

    Well… you are going to look as if some childrens make up course had gotten berzerk on mommys eye shadow and smeared all the purples, greens and yellows around your eye.

  7. Thank you, I appreciate that. Years of “vicarious trauma” finally caught up to me recently and I'm unable to keep doing it, but it felt good to serve while it lasted.

    Advocate for your dispatchers, folks. They're typically denied the benefits of first responders, but they're the first first responders.

  8. My point exactly!! I’d be touchy behaviour was consistent ie in front of our best friend then I would get it and then explain to her that she’s missing the mark and causing upset however I understand she is on the spectrum.

    However, I see it in her eyes that she does not like me and I feel the jealousy from her, my intuition is telling me she is using her diagnosis as an excuse!

    BUT because I also believe I may be on the spectrum I didn’t want my perceived experience to be projected on to hers. But your comments are the validation I needed, my boyfriend also agrees and has had the conversation with our best friend about it!

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