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Date: October 20, 2022

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  2. Yeah this all feels fairly normal and you definitely haven't done anything wrong.

    If you're feeling this way I'd say tell her anyways though, not because she deserves to know or anything, but because secrets and guilt (even misplaced) are bad for a relationship.

    Good luck

  3. This isn't a relationship. You're her young boy toy she's manipulating into believing she loves him and wants a relationship with him.

    Just accept the easy pussy and let her go and bang her ex or grow up and have enough self respect to break up with her.

    Like what else did you think was going to happen with that age gap?

  4. I can’t even fathom why you’d want to give him a second chance. Because you introduced him to the public and your family? What?

  5. Just leave. You cheated on her for “revenge” for not sleeping with you. You have one foot constantly out of this relationship. She deserves better. Just leave for your sake and hers.

  6. This is the same advice I was going to give you. Sit back and let them make the moves and drive things. Do not get over eager with the friend. At the same time, enjoy it and don’t be afraid to explore. Just make sure you’re giving equal time and take queues from your wife.

    Afterwards just stay quiet about it. Smile and enjoy the memory but act normal with the wife and friend. Act like nothing happened and treat them both just as before. They’ll initiate if they want to do it again. Your best move is to be chill and don’t over analyze any of it. If you get into your head about it and make it more than what it was, that’s when things blow up.

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