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  1. So, start reading. Quit cursing. Consider continuing your education past community college.

    It sounds like you’re primarily insecure because you’re comparatively under-educated. You can take steps to remedy that.

  2. imo you should still probably tell him ahead of time that you'll be close enough to meet in person soon, having that sprung on you day of can be off-putting and cause some stress. it'll give him time to process being able to meet you for the first time and maybe plan some things for yall to do together. are you worried he wouldn't be as excited if you told him now?

  3. She cheated on you. Trust is lost. You cannot get it back, it is way too hot.

    You should end the relationship. I am having doubts with my actual relationship for less than this. If you love someone, you dont do this.

    So, either sex is great for you and you can see this as a “light”/temporal relationship continue if not…well you know what to do

  4. I’m unsure what sort of advice you want, any “possessive” and “abusive” guy likes to isolate their partner from friends. If you distance yourself, you’re leaving your friend in a totally vulnerable situation but also…. You can’t be expected to have that all on your head and deal with your friends toxic relationship. It’s entirely a catch 22. There’s really not much you can do, except waiting and seeing what side your partner falls on as to me, it seems like she’s unsure too. And I’m not just saying this to assume she’s racist or anything like that, it’s purely because she’s a young beautiful woman. Enjoy the time you have left here, enjoy it all you want.

  5. She doesn't believe in therapy. I've tried suggesting it to her but she's quite traditional in the aspect and also believes, like you've kind of suggested, that he should be the one having to go through the process of therapy and fixing things.

  6. In this case the boundary would be not being comfortable staying with someone who swims hot with other guys. Rather than forcing her to swim with a swimsuit on sooo your wrong.

  7. Well when I had a ldr we also went to sleep while in a call with each other. (same time zone)

    I mean…. Why not o-o

  8. He has told me about his health issues. It's not about that. Yes he said to me that he needed some time to get his head round things but he didn't say what things. We normally do not have any issues whatsoever communicating but each time a hospital is involved then it becomes difficult. I am giving him space. I know when he feels better then his normal way of communicating returns.

  9. That's not an open relationship. He's just TELLING YOU he's going to be cheating on you. I think people do not have a clear grasp on what open relationships are. Can people that don't know how to do them right just stop getting into them and just stay out of relationships in general?

    At this point, I just think all of the open relationship posts are fake because I can't fathom that people can really be this immature, entitled, selfish, and uncaring to their partners. Like jfc, I'm hyper-monogamous and would never have interest in an open relationship, yet I feel like I'd do an open relationship better than half of the people that post about their forced and coerced open relationships here.

    Girl, if this isn't fake (which im sure it is fake), just break up. He doesn't care about you or your feelings

  10. This isn't a you and him problem. This is a him and his friends problem.

    What does he expect you to do? Not reply to those texts?

    The only feasible option I see for resolution, is if these friends text you and you go:

    Can you talk to Dave, I am busy right now, he can make the arraignments.

    Even that is a weak fix for his jealousy.

    Like my god, would you stop being so friendly? What's wrong with you? Stop being so organized and a planner.

    This is a childish thing for him to get upset about. Literally something you have no control over.

    You're going to get pissed off because they're texting me instead of you? Then take a dam lead by initiating and planning stuff with your friends. I can't control who texts me to make plans with us. And if they text me to make plans for us, guess what? I am going to make those dam plans. Going to get upset about that? That is your issue.

    If he feels disrespected, then he brings it up with his friends. Don't bring it up with your partner whose not at fault here. You're just going through the motions created by other people.

  11. Thanks for taking the time to answer 🙏🏼 it’s difficult for me to answer because I’ve never been with anybody else. Just had a couple flings here and there and never even had intercourse with anyone else. So it’s pretty hot to compare and that’s also why feelings of “missing out” and “wondering if the grass is greener” are coming up, I suppose. I also want to say that these feelings have been coming up as we’ve been going through intense issues, him going through a depression etc, so I’ve been questioning things a lot…

  12. This can also be a psychological thing. So he might need to see a therapist and another doctor (for a second opinion on his physical health) and then try to figure a way out, how to manage this.

  13. Been there, done that. I'm still mad at myself that I agreed to “date exclusively” with a guy I was madly in love with. He, too, wasn't ready to commit to us being a couple (no labels, he wasn't my boyfriend) and wanted to keep his options open with the caveat that we wouldn't really date others. Last I heard, his profile is still active on Tinder after being “together” with the same woman for the last couple of years (and his co-workers are unsure whether he is in a relationship or not).

    Your guy needs to make a choice. His choice can be that he is not ready to commit to you, you have the choice not to accept it (cut your losses early). In general, it's a miserable existence if you have to fight for each and every “milestone” in a relationship.

  14. Do you have a co-worker you can casually ask about this? If there's something you've missed? Has she/he noticed this woman's behaviour?

    Start writing all of this down (or document it electronically or whatever.) If her behaviour is affecting your work, it could ultimately be an HR thing.

    Or – ask her if you've done something to offend her? (say it sincerely even though it's bullshit) If she says No, you can say, “It just seems odd you speak over me when I talk and exclude me when you bring treats for the team. I was wondering why.” Or – if she says Yes – ask her to tell you about it. (Don't react, just say, “I see”) Unless you kicked her dog, there's really no reason for her to behave so oddly. Unless you're different colours/religions/something else stupid, then that would definitely be an HR conversation.

    Make sure at least on other co-worker has noticed the behaviour first. Even still, you may want to talk to your supervisor or HR people and just let them know it's getting weird in your department in case she tries to say something different.

  15. We are not married and have different surnames. I wanted to keep my surname as I’m a published author. He wants to keep his surname as he doesn’t like mine. I am already compromising to give the baby his last name

  16. Some people I know get a one bedroom for 3-4 people and just sleep in the living room, too. It's the only way to make Los Angeles affordable for some.

  17. What's more important, allowing them to maintain the image they work so hot to create or letting them relax and just enjoy their golden years with one another in the knowledge that their kids all fully support them and love the idea of being one big, happy family?

    What's more important is respecting their boundaries. It's their call if they “come out” or not. How about letting them relax and enjoy everyone's love, without putting your label on it?

  18. I was about to say it sounds like a classic manipulation tactic by him, but then you brought up the allergy. You adopted animals that your partner is allergic to over two years into the relationship.

    Whether you believe it or not, it sounds like you don’t seriously value this relationship.

  19. You block her. You intentionally avoid all possible street interactions, your wife walks your dog, you distance. This is a her problem not a you problem. But by being so concerned it could be seen as you still entertaining your feelings for her. Not a good look if you’re remorseful and want to be faithful to your wife.

  20. Wow your poor wife, I sure as hell wouldn't of taken you back and the women down the street would of lost a few teeth.

    If you really have to message her. I'd say

    I'm sorry you feel that way, but it was never anything long lasting or deep, I was never going to leave my wife, she is the one I love and want, I hope you feel better soon, sorry for my part.

    Send that. Its not hurtful per say and would help her relise what she was thinking and feeling about what you was isn't actually what you was. And then block her number

    But I honestly don't think you can cheat in someone you love.

    Just hope one day your wife values herself more than to stay with a guy who cant even walk the dog without fucking the neighbour.

  21. Get a lawyer because he will likely try to sue for custody out of spite. If you've still got any communications from him from when you told him you were pregnant with his child and he told you to fuck off then be sure to provide that to your lawyer.

  22. Hey, I just wanted to validate you and her. I had the same experience as her on hormonal BC. It was awful.

    We switched to condoms only. Was it perfect? Nope. But my husband preferred condoms and having sex vs no condom, no sex and a wife who was miserably depressed.

    She needs to just go off the hormones. Give it a couple of months and she'll be back to normal.

  23. You've got 10 years of info that this is who she is. She's not going to change.

    If this a deal breaker, then it's time to exit the relationship. Otherwise it's time for her to manage her adhd better or for her to hire cleaners to handle her share of chores.

  24. Ok, lets assume she isnt cheating. My biggest concern would the emotional attachment she developed with any guy for that matter after just 2 weeks of talking. I would open the door, ask her to step outside and close it again because that is a huge red flag.

  25. Not paying people for money and time is malicious. As an artist who is a contractor let me assure you that no one gets free labor and isn’t aware of the value of what they get.

    labor is a major cost of business. If he reads minimally into entrepreneurship, it will be discussed at great lengths. the first employee is a huge milestone that is discussed again and again. This is something that comes with filters. One of the major questions is transitioning from unpaid labor to paid.

    Unless her bf is rich, he gets a salary and is aware that most people are paid to work. He’s decided he’s entitled to her free labor. That’s why he hasn’t spontaneously offered anything.

  26. 100% the same. I had a friend that my wife just didn't jive with, i could tell something was off, turns out she was saying backhanded shit about my wife to other people.

    I cut that bitch out my life immediately.

  27. So, I'm removed and the nuance is something that is hard to read live. It sounds like he's not in a headspace where he even knows what he wants. You said he's just coming out of a breakup? He probably wants connection, but doesn't know if he's ready for the upkeep of said connection or if its even a good idea for him to engage in something so soon that could lead to something “more”. More could be anything at this point. I don't know if that's true, but that's how it seems to be coming across.

    The fact that he only sees the benefit of being long distance friends if he's going to get a booty call at the end of it is something separate and says a lot, I think.

    I'm probably going to leave this thread. It's no offense to you, but it's very hot for me to have a conversation without engaging in some type of talk that could be seen as advice. He probably needs space. It's probably healthiest for you, too, so you don't get whiplash.

    Good luck. I don't think it has anything to do with your attractiveness.

  28. Tell them that if they don't cut contact with him, you will simply have to cut contact with them, because it hurts too much to see him with them.

  29. And going to another area ain't gonna do a damn thing is my point. He's the issue here. He's the common denominator. Going elsewhere is just inflicting this asshat onto a new dating pool of women. Don't wish that shit on other women 🤣

  30. Great contribution. Tell the girl who has developed a neurotic insecurity complex due to the ONGOING shitty behavior of her boyfriend that she should be thankful for the fuckhead she’s with because she’ll never do any better. Wow, awesome insight. 👍

    I swear some people visit this sub just to shit on people…

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