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  1. I don’t think he is going to ever be pleased. This isn’t about cleanliness, it’s about control.

    It sounds like you both come from a traditional upbringing (but I could be wrong) and there is nothing wrong with closing that lifestyle, the problem is too often the wife is seen as less and it is viewed that it is her job to please her husband. The better question is, what is her doing to please you?

    It’s concerning that you are apologising for him. Respect yourself.

  2. Herculaneum would also have something to add. But other than that, and Mount Tambora, volcanoes are innocent. Oh yea, that Icelandic one can suck eggs. But other than that…

  3. I'd feel the same as your gf. It's your problem you can't handle your ex or her outbursts. Why should she walk in eggshells around her. It's a fucking case of trulys and you stated your addiction was never alcohol and your still don't drink. Your gf can have a glass of wine without worrying about being ratted out by your kid and the ex flipping her shit.

  4. I think you need to start setting up some limits on what you will accept. Tell her the truth:

    — She is a liar when she says she doesn't see the notes. Point blank a liar. That's not ok.

    — She is completely disregarding your right to control your own property in your home, and creating inconvenience for you for no good reason. She does not care enough to stop.

    — She is creating a hostile situation in your home.

    Ask her if she would put up with someone who was a liar, who made her life more difficult and who made her home a place of hostility and discomfort? Ask her why she expects you to allow her to remain in your home while she acts this way. If she can't give you some honesty, respect, and actually stop, then you need to ask yourself why you would allow her to do this to you. It would be one thing if she said “I see the notes, but I can't control the compulsion” because that's honest and that's a place she can work from in therapy. But to lie to you so she doesn't have to address the issue is not ok.

  5. That's the part I've been struggling with. There isn't an enthusiastic yes from me. I'm leaning toward the same conclusion. If I'm having this naked of a time deciding, then it's probably not for me. But I'm having a hot time committing to no.

  6. That is putrid. Salary has nothing to do with the distribution of household chores.

    There is no valid reason for him to do more than 50% of the household work and you should be embarrassed for ever suggesting it.

  7. Gotcha, but the fact that microplastics are everywhere and the history of what they cause to animals, although poorly studied in mammals as of right now, suggests that in years time they will be linked. We need to be aware of what the potential damage can be brought from the toxic effects of microplastics. They did a study on taints in dogs suggesting that microplastics cause a shortening and that in turn caused fertility issues. The fact that microplastics are everywhere including cord blood sames suggest we have a huge issue that is going to be played out with these next generation people.

    I'm not saying this is what cause OPs issue with certainty. What I'm saying is its probably a combination as well as microplastics. What could cause this? Microplastics absolutely could cause a disfunction in a body to make sperm non viable. I have no idea where OP is even located. He could have been living his entire life on PSAF hard spot which could also potentially explain a 0 sperm count too and also linked to microplastics. The entire world is on fire and we are playing schematics of well its probably not this because we just don't understand what the damage could be right now, when yes we actually do know that these type of pollutants are screwing up the ecosystems we call home and are damaging our bodies.

  8. Do not stay in this relationship, because bottom line best case you kids grow up being exposed to his alcoholism and how shitty it/he is, worst case he hurts you/them, or they grow up and think this behaviour is ok/replicate it.

    if you can't cancel it and get money back, just have a family reunion party.

  9. Thats bc movies always show all the time the bf calling his gf beautiful. I think in real life couples can like each other for their personality and not looks

    My calculation depending on the beauty standards of my country (starts from 9, because 10 doesn't exist):

    Deduct 1 for being obese Deduct 1 for having a long forehead. Deduct 1 for short eyelashes Deduct 1 for single eyelid Deduct 1 for wearing glasses Deduct 1 for a flat nose Deduct 1 for fashion sense of more like a tomboy (tshirt and pants) than a lady (dress or skirt) Deduct 1 for being tanned

    Im 1/10

  10. That sounds incredibly frustrating. It’s possible these things are all true and she’s just really bad at time management and remembering her commitments, if that’s true then it sounds like you’re not compatible.

  11. Refusing to believe the kids are his seems pretty much like rejection. He assumed she'd get an abortion, he didn't beg her to keep them. It's pretty clear that he didn't want kids.

  12. You are being too naked on yourself, mental health issues happen, mental breakdowns happen, one of my friends had a mental breakdown and ended up in a hospital for a week, she got physical with a few people including her boyfriend but he didn’t break up with her, he visited.

  13. You didn't do anything wrong at the time, you were single. Telling her would be selfish on your part to be honest, like you're moving your burden on to her for no other reason than to make yourself feel better.

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