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Date: October 23, 2022

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  1. Hopefully the time you spend together, without either of you gaming is in a much higher quantity than not; if that changes, maybe then further discussion needs to be had. Hopefully you're both of the opinion that being in a relationship should not affect time socialising with friends (they'll be depended on in bad times in your relationships, as well as the good) and that also includes spending time as a couple with each others' friends too. But relationships need 'guys' time as well as 'girls' time. Maybe he's super competitive and/or you're super competitive and doesn't want to mix that gaming frustration or dynamic into the relationship? I dunno, I think if I had a similar interest or hobby as my partner, I'd want to share it with them; if he likes different games to you then maybe that's a little added caveat or plot twist, but I'd definitely introduce a partner to something of my interest and be open to being introduced to their interest in return.

    At least he's acknowledged the selfishness, even if he hasn't acted upon it, per se just yet.

    I appreciate in your opening line that this was an activity you both did together at the start of your relationship and may have been key in forming a stronger bond between you both and the fact that this is happening less as the relationship has moved on, and this goes with whatever the couple activity is or was, is always hot when one side still wants to enjoy that activity together when the other seemingly doesn't.

    Maybe a suggestion would be to make a specific day(s) of the week where one it's just you two gaming, another day where he joins your friends lobby and another day where you join his and you both just roll with the banter (whatever happens in chat, stays in chat as it were)??

  2. If person A has feelings for you, and wanted your relationship to evolve really quickly, then you shut her down, then she invited you to live with her… I hate to say it but, person A absolutely plans to continue pursuing you, whether she’s able to admit it or not. She saw an opportunity to keep you close by offering housing, and took it. She’s going to be hurt when she realizes you are genuinely only interested in sharing housing. If at all possible, I highly suggest finding literally anywhere else to live!, before you ruin your friendship with A and jeopardize your romantic relationship with B.

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