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Date: January 7, 2023

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  1. I'm a (female) boss and this is part of the reason I never let my employees wait by themselves for a lift.

    I have experienced enough creepiness from customers (and random people in public) in my forty two years on earth to never leave the kids who work for me alone even if they say their parent/partner/friend is only a minute away. I will wait until their lift comes or drive them home myself, no matter how far put of my way.

    I have some gorgeous young people who work for me. It's unfortunately extremely common for them to be hit on and for people to not take 'no' as an answer.

    I still get gross comments on the daily from men (and occasionally women) on my own looks and get asked if I am unattached. The difference between me and the young people who work for me is that I've experienced it all ten times before and know how to keep myself safe or get out of these situations. I also step in if I see it happening in our workplace.

    If I was their parent, I would want to know that my kid could go to work, do their job, and not be harassed.

    It really bothers me that OP isn't more concerned for his partners wellbeing.

  2. Frankly, I would break up with him over this. If nothing was going on between them, why was he afraid to tell you? It’s incredibly disrespectful to you and your relationship that he withheld important info about a trip and didn’t bother to tell you personally that not only was he staying longer, but staying with this girl. Then throw in that she has been rude to you when meeting and they spend quite a bit of time together previously.

    I’m not saying he can’t or shouldn’t have friends, but the fact she was rude to you when meeting and he hid the fact that they were staying longer is a red flag for me too big to ignore. How much can you trust him in general now or having to travel with work after this?

  3. You are NOT selfish. If anything, she is. She has demanded way more support from you than is reasonable to put in a child. Look up 'parentification'. Her treating you like an adult when you were a kid is absolutely a form of abuse.

    I know it's difficult to cut off a loved one, so even if you can't go no-contact (which would probably be better for your mental health in the long run) please remember that she is not supporting you, so why do you feel you owe her support? (You don't owe her anything!!)

  4. Only had therapy once, and plan on finding a suitable one soon! I agree, haha.

    He never makes me feel badly he just asks how he can help.

    ^ That's the biggest takeaway for me. I never want my partner to feel bad about being busy. When I brought it up the first time, I guess I was just compelled to ask where we stand. I felt so weak even asking, but it worked out. It was rooted in fear and insecurity, and what's great is that she suffers from overthinking as well—so she gets it.

    But knowing you're very Type A and your partner is more Type B gives me reassurance. I can someday feel secure knowing that our differences are possibly a good thing that balance out—instead of something that conflicts.

    Thank you! When I feel pushed aside irrationally, I'll try my best to remember everything she's done for me that shows she still cares.

    One thing my therapist asked once is why I don't mind being away from friends for days, but two days without talking to my partner is hurtful. My answer was, “Because we're still friends. Nothing's changed but time.” And maybe I need to realize that it isn't too different with a partner.

  5. I don’t think one guy dying because he stuffed tampons up his nose and took a bunch of sleeping pills is evidence that all humans will stop breathing if their noses are blocked during sleep. Like I have gone to sleep with my nose blocked before and I am alive. One guy dying is not enough to prove that especially considering that tampons are not snot and he had ingested alcohol and sleeping pills.

    I think your friend sucks for not being careful around you when he had a cold and you have a chronic illness, but I do think you’re overreacting here lol.

  6. Honestly, I would be uncomfortable with my partner living with the opposite sex as well. It’s fine if you want to, but understand that it’s totally valid for your partner to not be okay with it, and to have this boundary. If those boundaries don’t match yours, then it might be time to reconsider the relationship

  7. Ewwww. Honey, you deserve a man. He tries to assure you that you’re the exception now but if he really believes that? He’ll take the newer model if the opportunity presents itself. Respect yourself and know your worth.

  8. That was cold, I would end the relationship. In the future you need to work on not relying on validation from others so much. Don't be jealous of a cat, and don't ask someone if you're perfect because that puts them in a weird spot.

  9. We've been together since January of 2023 and this is my first relationship and I don know what I'm doing

  10. It's totally normal. What isn't normal is the level of honesty the two have. That is novel. But if OP's fiancée doesn't want to get married she will tell him. He can trust her.

  11. This isn’t the right time for a relationship. You just don’t have the bandwidth. And that’s ok!

    I will add here that my sister (ED NP) is somewhat similar to you in that she can’t say no at work. She often stays hours beyond the end of her shifts. And her relationship suffers, too.

    Here’s the thing, though: when your shift is over, you can hand your patients to the next resident and leave. That’s a choice. It’s maybe not the one you feel morally comfortable making, but there is a choice here. You are making the choice to disregard OSHA laws and continue working. Further, working a 24-hour (or honestly, anything beyond a 12-hour) shift is not safe for your patients.

    It sounds like you are training as a trauma surgeon. That’s a difficult and incredibly important job—well done, you! But speak to your attendings. This schedule is not sustainable. Don’t ask for time off necessarily , but ask them how they managed as residents, if they ever had a breaking point, and what happened to people who waited too long to come to a reckoning about overwork/fatigue. No one wants a surgeon working on them who is so tired that they’re the equivalent of drunk. If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of others. Find the balance that works for you. You don’t want to burn out—you love your work, that work is important, and you’ve come so far!!

    And I’m so sorry to hear about your patient who didn’t make it. It’s not your fault. I can’t even imagine how you are feeling. My best to you. 💜

  12. Yall are clowns. He's had no problem still letting her go down on him. All the while passively withholding until she asked him why.

  13. Idk I think it’s partially because I’m only her second bf she never introduced her first bf to her parents her parents are Taiwanese immigrants and we’re super strict with her and I just think she doesn’t want to be judged and lectured by them

  14. The most reasonable solution to your dilemma is to find a BF that is more compatible with you. You have expressed your wishes to him in the best way possible with no effect. The fact is that he will not change for you or for anyone else because this change is beyond his ability to make. He is more concerned about himself than you. IMO, it's time for you to move on. You deserve to be happy.

  15. I am almost 50 and in my second marriage, and agree with you fully.

    I have chronic pain and fatigue, I rarely feel in the mood for intimacy, but it's so good for us and me! So we schedule it, and never regret it!

    Communication is the most important part of a successful relationship followed by intimacy. If you don't have that, you have a roommate.

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