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Date: February 24, 2023

36 thoughts on “OctaviaReevis live! sex chats for YOU!

  1. You’ve dated for 3 years. He can’t say he loves you. Things were great in the honeymoon phase, but when that 6 months was up, your sex life dwindled & he has nothing good to say about you.

    Why do you want to spend your life with someone who doesn’t love you?

  2. They are married, it is their home. She is allowed to invite her own parents over, that’s just not feasible to only expect one partner to be able to invite anyone over. “Two yeses/one no”, this is a partnership not a business deal. It takes compromise sometimes, and sometimes you’ve got to suck it up and deal with things you don’t absolutely love. She visits with his family all the time, and he still has the same issue with his own parents. This tells me it’s not just her mother that is the big issue here.

    I would honestly say if he can’t deal with having a guest over for a week every year and a half, then they need to work some things out. He can book a trip with friends, opt out of excursions so she can give him his space for some of the days, spend some time with his own family or invite some friends over so he can feel included. There’s lots of ways to make his time easier but if the alternative is OP never getting to see her parents, since they can’t afford flights + hotel, then I’d say he is a huge ass for not being even remotely accommodating.

  3. I have been in your situation twice. I cried and whined about it the first time, blew it off as a one off and then it happened a second time. Then met the guy I got dumped for and understood yeah “I totally get it, now how do I avoid this a third time?”

    My dude you're 20, dont know shit. Just dust yourself, do what you gotta do and keep it moving. You dont figure this stuff out until much later after you've done all the fucking up. You're look back at this later and realize you were fussing over nothing.

  4. Thank you for your story. It helps to know I'm not just going insane. We'll talk about it and work through it together.

  5. I think it’s past counseling at this point from what I’ve followed. I would just revisit the value you find in the relationship and really weigh out if you’d go through it happening more than once, and if you can’t you should leave imo. Once means forever, people only change when they want to, and people who do these kinds of things are manipulating you into thinking there is something wrong with you. I’m a bi male, and I can’t think of a single situation that my sexuality would play into when it comes to cheating. That’s an entirely other issue and part of the mind.

  6. He still says it’s wrong and that he would never give up what he has with me to cheat. His views are just confusing. I don’t understand why he’d say things like that. It almost seems contradictory.

  7. Sounds like there was no getting to know each other before you became official or this wouldn't have happened. Dating around before becoming official with someone is needed because of these reasons. Now she cheated when she clearly wasn't even sure of you yet.

  8. this is fucked.

    one time we were awoken by a person that spoke very little english and was clearly in distress. no idea how she got to our neighborhood. I took her home, and that was that. but it was eerie.

    I can't imagine going through what you are. Good luck my man.

  9. I know this will be shocking, but people used to not live! together until they were married. I'm not saying to go to that extreme, but it is fine to get engaged before living together. Just remember it's okay to change your mind even if you get engaged.

  10. “I was acquited of two rapes” isn’t anything anyone wants to hear.. especially when you are starting to date someone.

    If the records show he is highly highly likely to be innocent (essentially set up) I wouldn’t worry as much. But I would talk about it with him. He’s likely telling you now because he sees a future with you.


    if you think there’s a reasonable possibility he’s actually lying and the rapes happened over a larger time frame… then you need to decide if he is someone you trust or if he is not the person you thought he was.

    I don’t see this as cut and dry and I think the devil is in the details. Good luck

  11. I’m sorry but if someone I’m in a relationship thought it was okay to literally hurt and abuse any animal, I would immediately block/ ghost them for good

  12. Your username is the name of my dog who passed away, makes me sad. I loved that dog more than anything.

    What your boyfriend is doing to Cooper is wrong, I’m not angry at him but disappointed. He needs to know that hitting your dog is unacceptable, that under no circumstances is hitting a dog tolerable. (At least hot anyway, I know dog trainers do this poke at their dogs to help them learn)

    Yelling depends on circumstances, I had to yell at Daisy Mae to not eat chocolate for that fell. But I yelled at her for her safety, not out of angry but out of her safety.

    I loved my Daisy Mae, with all my fucking heart and my life has never been the same since she left it. If you value Cooper in anyway you will keep Cooper out of your boyfriend reach until he is safe to return.

  13. For me, someone staying the night in my home in a 2 yes 1 no situation, it should be discussed. If my partner or I aren’t comfortable with someone staying for whatever reason then they don’t stay.

  14. He's a great person when we're hanging out. It's not some fantasy I've made up he tells me he wants to change.I believe him but I don't want this to turn into a vicious cycle.

  15. Adding loans isn’t helping me raise my credit.

    Why do you want that if you already have debts that you are (seemingly) struggling to pay tho?

  16. Honestly, I would lay it out to her. She puts off going back to school, work 2-3 jobs to pay off the debt, then she can return to school. Even tell her you will help by paying more of the monthly bills (60/40 for example) and the rest of her money goes to the loans. Also, she should see if she can move them to a consolidated loan with a smaller interest rate. With student loan legislation in the forefront nowadays, she should really see what her options are for that. Also, since they are private, she should look into see if she can negotiate some (for example, on a $20k loan offer cash payoff of $12k and they write off the other $8k). Many loan companies will do this because they know there’s a chance they won’t collect ever. You could also have her talk to a bankruptcy lawyer. In some instances, you can discharge student loans and perhaps she would qualify but this would also leave you with a credit repair situation.

  17. You were an adult who made adult decisions. Next you’ll say kids can’t consent to transitioning genders

  18. As someone who went through a similar thing, it’s much less painful to leave now. Start fresh. Life will be good again. Focus on new and exciting things and the world will be your oyster man.

  19. It's extremely difficult to avoid illegal acts because we don't live! in a 1984 kind of world but on the internet it is pretty easy to detect illegal content by using algorithms. Like you won't be able to buy a slave on google for example. That's why your reply was goofy

  20. I understand what you’re saying, and thank you for your comment. I definitely have a more anxious attachment style and it’s something I’ve been working on. Still hot for me to realize it and set boundaries for myself sometimes

  21. I went to therapy for years also while not sober. It never worked.

    Incidentally, this time have been sober and made immense strides within the past year.

    Nothing you can do. This person is going to hold you back and make you think staying mentally ill and w addiction is normal. Nope. Not normal at all. Save your time and go.

  22. Actually I just found out he lied about telling his friends we were together… and no, I haven't really met anyone important in his life yet. So yeah, I kind of am a secret girlfriend.

  23. He's basically 60, he ain't changing. He is how he is. This is your life unless you find a different partner.

  24. This is definitely something you guys need to have a serious talk about. Part of it may also be due to your current age. If you've also talked about kids, putting getting married later also pushes having kids later. And while plenty of people have their first kids and are fine after the age of 35, its still a high risk pregnancy. That doesn't make the conversation any less difficult, but it's something to take into account that she might not be outwardly saying. It'd be good to come to a compromise, and I also wouldn't let outside factors like other relationships or this cultural difference be the deciding factor in any decision. Your relationship is unique.

  25. Thank you!

    I struggle with self worth and insecruity and am in therapy for this. So i am working on thicker skin!

    But i always think she is making me a better person in her sometimes offending way.

  26. The issue is I'm not sure if I am. Idk if I'm overanalyzing. If I'm under empathizing. If she's just young and inexperienced. She calls, wants to see me, says she misses me, says she's lucky. There's just something in her eyes (as bogus as that sounds) that says otherwise. Like she's looking at me and seeing someone else.

  27. Real advice? He knows you are a doormat. He knows you wont leave him. There’s no overcoming serial cheating. He will continue to do it till you are so accustomed to it, like using toilet paper. Meh, he cheated again.

    Do yourself a favour and leave him.

  28. First reasonable comment I’ve read. I feel like our subconscious sometimes makes us say random shit. It’s totally off putting, but there are stories of people saying much worse during sex. Like calling their partner mommy – and not because they want their mother in bed. I have never personally made this kind of mistake in bed, but I’ve certainly said the wrong name just while talking to someone else. Everyone’s brains work differently – so we don’t know what the deal with OP’s gf really is. I agree he needs to get to the bottom of why. If there’s a sinister reason or if it was just a random slip because maybe her bff’s asshole ex was on her mind throughout the day.

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