My(31m) wife (35f) says she supports a particular hobby of mine, but gets visibly annoyed whenever I engage in that hobby?


So a bit of a backstory –

My wife and I have been married for the past 6 years now, at that time she new I was into video games but I hadn’t played for a very long time while we’ve been married.

In regards to the video games, I only ever play main The Legend of Zelda titles, which come out once every 5-6 years.

So the game comes out, I’ll play it 2-3 hours a day for about 2 weeks, just to complete the main story, then I won’t see it again.

Throughout our relationship, she has bought me Zelda-related goods and merchandise because she knows it’s a video game Ive loved since my childhood.

She even got me an Ocarina for my birthday after my favourite game of all time!

So fast forward to last Friday.. the new Zelda game releases, and she knows I’ve been waiting for this release for the last 5-6 years.

All the housework is finished, our bookkeeping is done for the week, I’ve just come home from work.. so I say I’m going to play the new Zelda…

She responds with “oh, alright then enjoy your GAME”

So I say.. ok thanks? Of course it’s awkward so I just play for about 30 mins then I stop…

I tried to play again on Saturday but I got the same kind of response “ok, you enjoy your GAME while I find something else to do”

I don’t get it, I’ve never been in this situation before with my wife..

I would like to experience this new Zelda game which she knows I’ve been waiting for but I don’t want to annoy her either..

Anyone in a similar situation, what’s a good way to approach this?

TLDR; wife says she supports my gaming habits and is happy to see me happy, but when I actually sit down to play a game (which is once in every 5-6 years only) she gets annoyed at it… what do?

** Edit: ** Thank you to everyone for the responses.

*The most common question here: *

“how often do you spend time with your wife”

Well, every day/weekend we spend together. My wife doesn’t work, so whenever I come home from work, generally all of my time is dedicated to her, or us doing things together.

When we visit family/friends, we do that together rather than separately because I don’t want to give her the feeling of being left out.

For Friday night: people asking did I just come home and play the new Zelda.. no.. of course not! we talked about how our days were, what we got up to, how was work, etc. I didn’t know writing those details in were necessary. This has become a very routine thing for us, to talk and then chill at the end of my work.

The only difference is that this time instead of going to bed with her I said I would like to play for a bit before coming to bed.

For the people asking when was the last time you spend quality time together?

Well, tonight we went to karaoke & then went bowling, then we had dinner together as normal while watching one of our favourite anime’s.

After dinner was done/dishes were clean, I got the same annoyed look from her when I went to go and play Zelda.

The next question did you talk to your wife about this? actually after posting this thread, I did.

It went something like this “hey babe, are you alright with me playing the new Zelda game? I can tell sometimes you’re bothered by it”

Her: “I don’t know why, but just understand that sometimes it will annoy me. I’m happy to see you play it when it came out, and I know you’ve been waiting years for this game, but I can’t control when something annoys me”

The reason I came here is for advice/perspective to see if anyone was in a similar situation.

I guess every couple would handle this differently depending on personalities.

Date: May 14, 2023

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