My (27M) family is telling me to not leave my cheating wife (26F) after she tried to kill herself.


My apologies if this isn’t very coherent, im still very much in shock. Throwaway as my friends know my reddit account.

I found out 3 days ago that my wife of 3 years has been cheating on me for over 6 months with a coworker (46M). I don’t know what to do anymore, the life I have started to build with her has come crumbling down and I am not doing okay.

I told my parents yesterday, and they told me I should stay with her, and work on getting through this. I’m shocked. I am still shocked, I hung up on them instantly and haven’t talked to them since. I told my wife to leave the house and go to her mothers. Her dad texted me in full support of me, and told me he didn’t raise his daughter this way. I’m very thankful he is supportive, because I have gotten texts from family on both sides telling me to take her back.

I got a call today from her father telling me that she tried to take her own life. I’m still in complete shock, I don’t know how to respond. I told him I would see what I could do, and he said I have no responsibilities to be there, but that he would as she is his daughter. He hung up after he said he would keep me updated.

I am at a complete loss of what to do, i’m currently at home and completely miserable. The person I loved most in life has broken me and now tried to kill herself. I have no idea how to proceed, I haven’t contacted or gotten anything related to a divorce going, and would have to look into that. I have no idea if I should even divorce her if she’s tried this. I’m in all honesty scared and absolutely destroyed. I feel like my family has betrayed me, that they love my wife more than me and that I really have no one to go to during all this. Now with her having attempted, I am at an even more complete loss. I need some advice here, as I cannot think straight. What can I do about all this?

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