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Birth Date: 1996-01-04

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Date: November 24, 2022

4 thoughts on “Moon_9xlive sex stripping with LIVE Cams

  1. I agree with this. If he knows ahead of time that he's facing some questions when he gets home, he'll have the entire coach ride to figure out a story.

  2. Awesome! There is a double standard when its the woman who is older though. Im enjoying his company so far.

  3. This sounds strangely similar to a r/relationship_advice post a few months ago…

    Details were different, where a husband regularly showered his young daughter with him to save time due to the busy schedule between him & his wife. The wife apparently was not comfortable with it at all. Now where the problem occured was she was sexualizing their situation, as the father said he had 0 thoughts of anything besides getting his daughter clean with him while in a hurry. He explained that to her & she was convinced he had ulterior motives.

    Well she wound up telling her whole family & portraying him as some incestual pedophile.. They fed into it & shunned him, she threatened to take their daughter away & call the police.. Like the whole story was bizarre; but the bottom line is you both have the rights to set your own boundaries with these sort of things. & as long as you both can respect each other's wishes, there is no right or wrong.

  4. I know she thought I was attracted to some pre nurse because I was staring at her hair (she was very pale with an albino hair color) but we talked about it.

    She asked me last time if I liked one of our coworkers, 12 years older than me and a mother of 2, because we both were making jokes about her milk being gone from the fridge after she pumped, yea I know we’re weird, and I “took it too far”.

    I remember we both, me even more, that even though we were exclusive with one another and that we do want to see each other as much as possible: we need to respect each others individuality. Then she goes “yea but, do you have the urge to be with each other 24/7 and see one another every minute?!?!” She said it jokingly but there sounds like depth to it.

    As far as my friends and family, she was respectful with it. She understood I was more family based while shes really not, but I would encourage her to be more.

  5. You’re living there for a few months. You’re married to this family for a lot longer. Suck it up for now and it’ll go a long way toward family harmony.

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