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Date: January 7, 2023

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  1. I don't know if its over but its not going well. I would start trying to improve things by GOING OUT , join a hobby/learning group or sports activities. It will help your confidence and make him respect you more imo. If the worst happens and he dumps you at least or your social and recreational eggs won't be in one basket.

    Its hard for any relationship to maintain that “thrill of the chase” feeling if one partner never goes anywhere or does anything.

    I'm not sugesting you need to start sneaking out in the evening dressed like Elizabeth Hurly and being vague about where you are going or who you are meeting, but a little mystery wouldn't hurt.

    Let him worry a little about who else might be attending your new writing course or what the guys are your new gym look like. 🙂

  2. A “certain” woman? What is she an evil temptress who is gonna make him cheat on his gf? No, she's a therapist and a professional. FFS!

  3. Hey OP. your lives do sound pretty good. Small town though, and motherhood… It effects women jn a way men don't quite get.

    She needs a more clear return date for sure, she can't just bugger off, but.. breathing room. Parenting, it does things to you. For some people a part of you dies.. you love the child and partner, though struggle internally… and talk therapy doesn't help.

    There should be some rules around it. But there are alot of people saying she is bad in some way. This isn't necessarily true.. Best x

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