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  1. Have you talked to your partner about this, maybe they want more or are happy the way it is. You seem to be happy which is good. No need to live! to other peoples standards.

  2. I don't think there is too much to worry rn. It's not a problem now, and it may never be. If you guys communicate well, I don't see big trouble in your sex life. Just be honest with one another if it comes to being not as spicy anymore in the sheets!

  3. This is it . She's a teenager. They do stupid shit like this all the time . You either trust her or you don't. Your call .

  4. Yeah he’s not gonna tell the truth cos he’s knows it will hurt your feelings, always trust what people do not what they say

  5. For now. Once he’s got you to cut your dad off, it’ll be your brother that’s problematic. Once you cut him out, it’ll be your sisters. Then your friends.

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