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Date: March 9, 2023

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  1. No yah I’m really that dumb/selfish ☺️👍🏻 or my inner thoughts get that way sometimes when I feel like I’m acting like an idiot I post it to have strangers set me straight

  2. Not all men look at a girl and wonder what material their panties are made of. Only horny teenagers and people who dont get any.

  3. As a woman I fully concur. I can’t believe he actually fell for the I need to find myself so I have to be single line, which is one of the oldest blow off lines in the book (Even used in One million ways to die in the west movie). When a woman is sweet on a man and both are available, they go for it, and wouldn’t be able to stand not to. Also, what’s the blaming all he flirting all on him? If it’s one sided from him, she’s turned off annoyed. If she was into, she would love it. It seems more like she isn’t really into him but doesn’t have the balls to let him down honestly, hence the work on myself excuse.

  4. she must have sent the video to Ken by accident

    So she doesn't know? She's the subject of a video but doesn't know whether she did or did not send it to a colleague, who she apparently isnt involved with?

    Wouldn't she immediately say “No I never sent Ken that video, why would I?”

  5. Being uncomfortable because your partner talks about someone of the opposite sex is weird. I don’t necessarily blame your boyfriend for not wanting to be upfront about who he was talking to.

  6. This is something you should have discussed before getting married. Sexual compatibility is extremely important for a relationship. That aside, you need to sit down and have an open and frank conversation about what your sexual needs and wants are and what your limit is.

  7. Are you close with your mother in law??? You need a support system start building one and cut your sister out of your life she’s just stressing you out at this point.

    Info diet all of them.

  8. I will. However, she always asks if u understand her. At that point, no matter what I say or do, I'm not understanding what she is saying. What you suggested I have said he follow up after that normally is asking if I understand.

  9. Yes, putting the seat down is normal and considerate. He's full of it. There are actually studies showing that if you leave the seat up when you flush then the urine/feces spray out in a mist all over the bathroom, so it's also a health issue beyond being good manners.

  10. Got to do the old “let me look at your phone unlocked completely right this second or we are over” and be ready for it to be over, there are posts on here about how to retrieve deleted messages etc

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