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Date: December 17, 2022

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  1. “Hey, somethings bothering me, can I vent to you for a bit?” “Hey, I’m feeling down on myself, could you reassure me?” “Hey, I’m feeling lonely, can we talk for a bit?”

    Also google emotional support skills, as that’s what you’re probably craving from others but what you were doing was trying to manipulate it from people rather than just seek it out directly. Some people are really good at it, other people aren’t, but it’s basically the bread and butter of healthy relationships. With out it it’s hot to bond and feel connected. Also the less you give emotional support to others the less likely they’ll give it to you, so getting good at doing it yourself, is important. So cultivating relationships with people that are good at it, avoiding people who aren’t (they’re often energy vampires or abusers), and doing it yourself for others can really help in a lot of ways.

  2. Divorce her. Get alimony and split custody. Sell the house and property and invest i something smaller. It sucks life threw you this curveball. I married into a dead bedroom and am starting over too. Sometimes you just do what you have to do.

  3. The problem isn’t the bragging about the behavior – it’s the BEHAVIOR. THIS IS ASSAULT. Please leave him immediately.

  4. unless he’s scared that she feels the same way for him.

    I think you understand it just fine. The GF has been oblivious to her best friend's feelings, and the bf is concerned that if the truth came out, she might realize she had feelings for her best friend. It isn't really far fetched.

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