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Date: April 4, 2023

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  1. Now, the problem is that I am very resentful, and he thinks I'm not a team player. He's told me I'm retarded, that I have low cognitive abilities, that I'm lazy, and that I'm selfish, that I'm fake, that I need sexual attention, that I'm empty and only have my looks and I have developed nothing else, and that he doesn't want to have sex with me because he's exhausted and finds me stupid . He told me I'd be a terrible mother.

    Completely unacceptable thing to say to a partner.

    There’s only two reasons for him to say that:

    1) He believes it, in which case he is only with you for sex while not respecting you as a person. Dump him.

    2) He doesn’t believe it, and is just tearing down your self esteem to keep you insecure and jumping through hoops for his manipulative goals. Dump him.

    This will also solve your feelings of hurt and stop you feeling like you’re being attacked.

  2. Here is my advice:

    Learn about the First Time Home Buyer incentives and assistance programs. You need to educate yourself so that you can make the best decision for yourself. I was snooping and saw you are in Austin. There's tons of info I was able to Google.

    Do you have a say in the property your bf is purchasing? Did he ask for your opinion? Did you go house hunting together? If not, then this is not just technically his property but in his mind it's for him alone. Not a good sign.

    How much is half of the mortgage and whatever else you will be responsible for? Can you honestly afford it? Would it be less expensive if you were to rent an apartment on your own?

    I can see the benefit of him purchasing first and you saving your first time home buyer benefit for later. But that's only if you are 100% sure if the relationship and that you will be together in the future. I see you've posted some concerns about your relationship a few months back. Things to take into consideration.

    I always recommend when possible, people should to be financial independent before joining finances with a partner. That way there are less power dynamics at play. You are still young. Don't make any decisions that will leave you disadvantaged in the future. A relationship should be mutually beneficial.

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