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Date: October 24, 2022

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  1. Well I'm glad you have that capacity, not everyone does. I'm saying all this as a professional linguist who speaks four languages fluently. My completely monolingual parents are older did sign up for classes but just couldn't retain it. Honestly, they are entitled to their own lives, I don't expect them to spend all their free time on something to benefit me, when they didn't choose it. Life doesn't have to be a struggle for elderly people who've worked very hot their whole lives and what they'd gain is speaking to someone maybe four days a year. In any case my dad has now had a stroke and has serious cognitive problems. My partner is another matter, and if he learned they would have no need to, that is the problem.

  2. Please don't marry him, he's surrounded by cheaters any problem you'll have in your marriage her mom and sister may advise him to just cheat on you.

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