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  1. Don't start doing all those kinds of things for him. It'll never stop, he sounds like he's not only lazy but preparing you to mother him once you start living together. Will start with small things then before long you'll be doing everything.

  2. Look , he cheated on you , prevents you from peeing and gets mad when you pee (??) , still searches for his ex , is kinda violent and ultimately is horrible . You’ve made multiple posts about what a pos he is , you’re aware of how he is.

    When are you leaving ?

  3. Well, I still recommend marriage counseling anyway because your wife seems to have boundary issues and is easily swayed by manipulative people. A good therapist will help her see where the red flags were with this couple. Your wife said it was pleasurable, so I am guessing she remembers more than she is letting on. I also think she knew the intention of this woman. She needs to learn who is toxic to be around and should be avoided at all costs. Also, people who aren't friends of the marriage need to be cut off. She still needs to go NC and block and delete her number. I would check to make sure they aren't communicating. I would let her know a boundary of yours is no contact, and if they reach out in any way, she is to tell you immediately. Good luck.

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  5. Since this message was 4 hours after he said goodnight, perhaps “if you're not honest you lose the good one” wasn't intended for you, and he suspects he might be 'caught' and is trying to simply escape.

  6. Well you need to explain you aren't fine with her hanging out with men who actively seek to sleep with her and will not be fine with it. With that said you can't force her to agree with you. Therefore if she doesn't you will have choice make. Suck it up or break up. No way around it.

  7. Do you feel obligated to stay with him because of the engagement because this is a fundamental communication malfunction on his part that synchs up in the worst possible way with your needs. Add in the gross anger explosions and wow, this cannot be healthy for you.

  8. I feel like texts are private and shouldn't be sent to others,we have been dating for about 11 months.

    So most people will go to their friends and especially best friends with situations like yours to look for advice. Considering you've already talked to her about it and told her you feel it violated your privacy in the relationship I'm not sure what advice you're looking for?

    You already did what was probably the best thing you could do which is let her know you had an issue with that. She said okay and that she won't do it again. Sounds like the issue was resolved so I'm not sure what advice you're looking for here. Unless you feel it wasn't resolved?

    I'm much more curious why you were looking at her phone together and how you noticed she screenshotted the text.

  9. This is why you don’t hold on to a relationship with a person that disrespects and cheats on you. They can never be trusted and think they can get away with it since you forgave them for it. This ex is trying to emotionally connect with him and feeling him out by subtlety hitting on him. He knows and playing the long game. You know exactly what the end game will be. It’s time to let go and quit wasting your time with this guy.

  10. But if you need proof, then you don't trust your partner…. that's the part that gets me. I know it happens, and those women are shit, but I have NEVER given my husband any doubts. If he suddenly wanted a paternity test for one of our kids out of nowhere, yeah, it would be either divorce or heavy couples counseling…

  11. this one girl that is the COMPLETE opposite of me has torn me apart

    This seems like it's the biggest issue, as written. Has your boyfriend's behavior with you changed, or is this something you only discovered by accident? If he's looking at porn instead of initiating with you I think you're right to leave. But, if he loves you and nothing has changed in his treatment of you, it seems more like garden-variety insecurity – and how easy is it going to be to find a man who doesn't ever look at thirst traps in your age bracket?

  12. I remember your older post when he hit you for the first time and my heart is breaking for you. This “man” isn’t adding any value to your life or looking out for you in any way. You should consider contacting a local domestic violence group to look at what resources are available to you and try to find a way out of this. You can do it and you deserve much better than this. 🖤

  13. Yes, I am aware of it, and it did cross my mind. I still don't want to go down that alley and would like to clarify the issue at hand.

    If I do proceed and ask her if this all might be her projecting it, how would you suggest I approach it?

  14. OP, do you have feelings for your bestie? It’s very hot enough to navigate your own feelings and then to contend with the changing dynamic of your little trio can be harder yet. Talk to your brother and bestie and tell them you’re feeling left out. If they still ignore you, it might be time to take a step back and get busy with your own life and find other friends. You got this.

  15. My dad is a major narcissist, and I notice myself acting like him sometimes, which is very scary. I’m a rapper/musician and am obsessed with an ego that doesn’t even exist, and I hate it so much. So I think I am definitely a narcissist, but I know that my intentions are pure and my heart is good. Definitely going to get it checked out. Thanks for your insight.

  16. Any advice on how I can get him to understand that im not mad or anything I just don’t wanna be squeezed like that?

    You get him to understand by breaking up with him swiftly and never looking back.

  17. I probably should have used “bullies” instead of “abusers.”

    I meant someone who doesn't want to face their own poor behavior and uses “it's just a joke” to deflect.

  18. It's a male-centric view for sure, but yeah it's very very obvious that OP means he was not looking at any genre of porn that would indicate to his fiance that he had sexual proclivities she was completely unaware of.

  19. Yeah sounds like he has a guilty conscience if he is spontaneously make such statements. He knows his behavior is wrong

  20. Good on you for not doing the dumbass confrontation route.

    You know the one, the one where you confront, they deny, and then after they disengage with you they destroy all evidence and get their stories straight with those who will cover for them.

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