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  1. If I were dating OP and found this out, no question I would break up with her. I’m not going to get in a committed relationship with someone who goes to their fuck buddy after our dates.

    But I think you bring up a good point with the dating apps. If you’re looking for a committed relationship from tinder, then I guess this is what you have to expect.

  2. If B said you and A were flirting that means A’s into you. I think he didn’t say anything because he’s been caught up and enjoying the moments with you, and didn’t think about taking it further, but now with you bringing it out there it seems like there’s an incentive for him to.

    I don’t think all men in their 30’s will have the same answer, so I say just wait and test your luck. You both seem like you’re having a lot of fun and have great chemistry together and I wish you the best 🙂

  3. I just don’t understand parents like this. If any of my kids had a romantic weekend planned with a partner, it would gross me out to have to tag along. Also, after all the parties, school events, sporting events, school shopping, late nights with homework, etc that you end up doing with them over the years, it’s so lovely to see what they choose to do with their own time when you aren’t around.

  4. Yeah bro it's your life and future. Hope for the best but be mentally prepared to stand up to your parents if they don't have a positive reaction. Don't give up your dreams and wishes just to please them. That's no way to live!. They'll come around eventually. If they don't, their loss. Thats on them. Rooting for you!

  5. A 36 year old is counting down on the fertility clock. A 23 year old is just starting their adult life. They're at two different points in their lives and the 36 year old should know this if she was looking to start a family.

  6. I am so so sorry OP. This has got to be one of the worst things to go through. She used you and lied to you for YEARS.

    You didn’t take advantage of her, she took advantage of you. Your love, your future, your entire life. This is not your fault.

    She doesn’t get to hide under the “my parents would disown me or hate me forever” line, because there were an unlimited amount of ways she could have worked through that without taking advantage or you, or any other person for that matter.

    My heart hurts for you OP

  7. The truth is, he's not enough for YOU. My advice is to put all the details out of your head. It doesn't matter, really, it's all way too much to accept. Please be done with this dirtball.

  8. I guarantee that if you attempt to marry this man again, the same exact thing will happen. His brother will find some way to derail it again.

    You deserve to have your spouse put you first. That will not happen with this man. His brothers needs will always be more important to him then yours.

  9. Calmly and politely remind her that her son loves you. And you love him. And it would just be such a damn SHAME if you felt so uncomfortable in this town that you two had to move far, far away……. A damn shame.

  10. Which version of Kylie's body interests him? She's had many. Without plastic surgery like a BBL, she would also be quite thin with no curves.

    Bottom line, your bf is disrespectful. Find someone who likes you for you and stops trying to make you feel bad.

  11. this is a classic “i’m the lucky one that gets to be with him, no one else would want me.”

    i’ve been there. my abusive ex had manipulated me so much into thinking i was undesirable and i was lucky that he would put up with me.

    i would wait until your brain has fully developed before making such a life altering choice in changing your body.

    you say you want to do it for you, but you were more inclined since you started dating your bf.

    bf’s that love their girlfriends are supportive and never compare their bodies to others. my bf tells me all the time how pretty he thinks i am and how he loves my body, when i never felt that way about myself.

    you are young. you will find someone who treats you like you deserve. break up with the toxic and manipulative bf and use tinder if you want to find someone, although i recommend working on your self confidence. it’s unhealthy to get confidence and self esteem from others. i saw you said you dont have a car, i’m sure many guys would offer to pick you up for a date.

    theres so many alternatives and i bet you will be so much happier and more secure if you cut this guy off.

  12. Wait, you said in a comment that you’re the second guy she’s done this too. She must be asking for these no contact orders as they’re not standard protocol and certainly not normally only binding to one party. Also what did you say or do that made her call the police or is this kind of argument a regular occurrence? Either way, you’re doing your kids a disservice by staying with this person so just let her break up with you.

  13. He’s right on one thing, the past IS the past. What we have done becomes who we are.

    He has shown you who he is. It doesn’t matter how much time you spent on him in the past. What do you want for your future?

  14. LOL, divorce her ass and she'll get a real reality check of being a single mom. She thinks you don't do anything or you're a piece of garbage because you're at work everyday paying the bills. Let her see what it's like when she has to do it all by herself day in and day out, night in and night out. If you have a place to go maybe tell her you want to do a trial separation then she can see what it's like when you're not around.

  15. She is too young to understand what’s best for her. If she was older and more mature she would understand

  16. Addiction to benzos (which Xanax is) is very serious. You should get medical help with stopping if you can, depending on the severity of the addiction withdrawals can range from hell on earth to seizures or even death. It's a terrible thing for anyone to use long term if they don't absolutely have to.

    As someone who also struggles with GAD and has been addicted to Xanax, I get it. It feels great at first, to be unburdened by anxiety. But then you need more and more and feel worse and worse when you aren't on it… It also, for me anyway, eventually just took away who I was… A certain amount of anxiety is natural and healthy, and when you remove all of it the way Xanax does, eventually you can stop really caring about much of anything.

    If you think it's best to separate while you seek help then absolutely do that.

  17. I think you’re worrying about this too much. It probably won’t come up. If it does just say the minimum possible but don’t lie.

  18. It sounds like you did the only thing you can do. You had a deep conversation about how you both feel and move on from there. It shouldn't really manifest into beyond that. Really ,you both don't really put any more thought into it!

  19. Apparently he the home wrecker is your kink, isn't it? Not sure because you like to be chosen over the bf but also because you potentially are getting women coming from a bad relationship.

    The girl is being smart. She cheated and now she wants to see if there is indeed a relationship with you or if the destiny with her will be the same as with your ex. I don't condone cheating and I think she is totally in the wrong to cheat her soon to be ex, but she is definitely wise and smart to not jump on a relationship with you.

    Why don't you try to date single people for a change? Yeah you don't force them to cheat and that is on the girls, but you are settling yourself to failure. If someone cheated her ex with you, they will cheat you too.

  20. Break up.

    Since it seems like you're new to this, I figured I should help you out and point out exactly where things went south. It was right around here:

    I do admit that at the time of this incident a year ago, we did have a bit of a bad time in our relationship. But I felt like we got through it. She said that she lacked the sexual desire and wanted to feel what it's like to have sex with someone else, since I was her only one. She even told me at the time that she wanted to try it with someone else.

    Anytime you're in a monogamous relationship and the other person starts talking about trying shit with other people, do yourself a favor and bail right there. Sounds like you should've dumped her a year ago.

  21. I think you're right in wanting to take things slowly. I'd start by building intimacy in general – try setting time aside, and just look into each others eyes for 10 minutes. It'll feel really weird to begin with, but then become more normal. Tell each other what thoughts pop u (though i advise not if they're less than flattering!). Then spend 10 minutes just hugging. Little things that don't have any sexual expectation behind it.

    Then start fooling around with no sex on the table. So just spend time doing other stuff knowing it absolutely won't lead to sex (and don't, no matter how tempting). Kissing, touching each others bodies. Stuff I'm sure you've done already, but with the agreement it's not going anywhere, it's just you doing that for the sake of doing so.

    Then build up to masturbation so you each learn what you like. Try some toys out.

    Just make sure you reassure each other, and listen to each others consent. Any sign of discomfort and stop.

  22. She has a very feeble excuse. What pleases one person does not necessarily please another person. You should be learning what pleases each other, not other people.

    She is not doing this for you or your relationship. She wants to do it because she has an eye on someone else.

    Break up and find someone with similar boundaries as your own. Trust me, opening this relationship is going to hurt you badly.

    Good luck

  23. Yeah, not a lot of options to work with here. Seems like one big ass mess. I'd say keep trying to go to therapy and build up whatever good aspects of life you can. Recovery is possible, even if it doesn't feel like it.

    And, side note, it sounds like he's the biggest problem here, and you should probably break it off.

  24. I'm not understanding where you're going with this. I said he's a joiner and I worked customer service. Yes.. I am working towards a degree but that's not something that I tell people (only mentioned here as its part of the issue). so how am I demeaning his being a joiner?

  25. My love, you know what you have to do. What you should have done long before now.

    Enough is efuckingnough.

    Find your self respect and keep him out for good this time.

  26. You can tell him to stop doing the death grip during his “penis exercises” so he can start feeling again.

  27. He either has a wife, isn’t going to commit to you cause of the age gap, or is embarrassed by the age gap for whatever reason. Personally my moneys on he probably has kids close to you in age and doesn’t want to be labeled a creep by them.

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