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Date: January 14, 2023

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  1. Men suck, women suck. I am sorry this is happening to your neighbor but it sounds like your neighbor needs to align expectations in a relationship early on.

    “Hey are kids important to you? Part of your plans?” “No? Ok great!”

    Good luck!

  2. I'm curious how long you'll scroll through Instagram looking at all these women? These “models” are normally not wearing much clothing, so I can see why your gf wouldn't be ok with that being all over your feed. You may not view women as less than, but it does say something that you view them as eye candy at the very least.

  3. Girl this has mess all over it, with the age difference this is definitely a power dynamic where if you approach it he may call you “childish” . Please get out

  4. Honestly I don't see any point in confronting him, it'll just turn into a conversation about you snooping and him lying about timelines.

    You know what kinda person he is now, make your own decision about whether you want to be with somebody that you know is a liar. Also that's a lot of exes in relatively short space of time, for me that would be a bit of a red flag tbh, especially since he's managed to slot a marriage in there too.

  5. I don't want to be a downer here but THC at a young age (especially for men) has serious ties to early onset alzheimer's or weaker long-term memory.

  6. Thank you. My world's really turned upside down in the last 24 hrs. What I thought was just a goofy guy is turning out to be a monster.

  7. those are all symptoms of limerence.

    and as someone who has overcome limerence let me say that it absolutely does make you into a different person.

    they're married. she's committed to at least try to help him. and give him a chance to heal and become that person.

  8. I feel like I'm reading an alternate reddit universe where commenters are suddenly all very conservative. Do you think that because she is your girlfriend that you own her boobs? What exactly are you upset about? That her boobs were briefly not covered, in the dark, where no one could see? It sounds like a stupid game, but drunk people do lots of dumb stuff. Are you actually both members of an Amish community? Mormon? I am picturing Muppet Sam the Eagle, who was completely outraged to discover that underneath our clothing, people are all completely very hot.

    If a boob is uncovered, but nobody sees it, does a falling tree in the forest still make a sound?

  9. But she wasn't accusing him of infidelity? I would've been immediately freaked out about being robbed, ngl.

  10. I wonder if his younger children think it’s fair he helps pay her bills as a grown ass woman? Are we ignoring that? She’s enjoying the fruits of his labor by getting her damn rent paid. That’s a whole hell of a lot more than a trip to Disney. And rent comes due every month…

    Nope. This ain’t it.

  11. She is 25 years old. It’s time to cut the cord. You need to stop financially supporting her. Clearly, it’s stunting her growing into an adult based on her actions. She’ll never figure her self out, if she thinks she can whine and pout to you to get her way.

  12. I sugest you insist on a immediate legal separation & divorce for financial abuse/deception.

    Offer to continue living together as landlord & tennant and potential future boyfriend & girlfriend once he's sorted out his tax situation and learned to be open & honest .

    It sounds like you still like the guy but just don't want to be tied to him financially. Marriage is a contract that can be dissolved and should be if one partner is failing to act as a full partner.

    You don't need to throw the baby out with the bathwater but the bathwater needs to go asap! 🙂

  13. So one wants kids and the other doesn't? Good grief, now they are engaged. This is gonna be a huge 💩 show

  14. His classes are online. It’s not that he spends a lot, it’s that I pay for literally everything. Like all the food (he eats way more than me he’s 6’7 280 pounds) utilities, rent, gas, etc

  15. When I was 23 I bought a car for $5,000. Which probably equates to max $12,000 in today’s market. You are still just another sale in the eyes of the dealership.

    Most people when they wreck a car that’s worth less than they still owe on it go out and buy a cheaper car that they can afford. Without help. That’s life. You’re not married and you’re not entitled to her good credit.

  16. Remember your vows, but also he can stop immediately, I don’t care how depressed he is. I have a glass in my bathroom I broke in September that I haven’t cleaned up. But I’m not married.

    Think of the effort it takes to get it in the bottle.

  17. It’s possible he has a fragrance allergy.

    I have a severe fragrance allergy that is incredibly debilitating. Chemical scents and some natural ones (sandalwood in particular) are very disregulating for me.

    That said if he’s complaining about fresh sweat something’s wonky.

  18. Probably reading too much into it but right to feel hurt.

    Honestly sounds like just a passing thought that he probably should not have said outloud. If this is the only thing he’s said maliciously then I think you could give him a pass for being dumb

  19. You're entering a critical moment in this relationship. If you start to yield to dumb decisions, like marrying early, blowing so much money on a wedding, leaving for weeks to see her family (which I assure you won't be a one time thing), funding someone else's school, and who knows what else afterwards, you're going to be extremely miserable in a few years. This relationship will not last. You can drag it on for a few years, end it after you're in your 30s and miserable, or end it today and look for a more understanding partner. You're still young, I would do the latter. If you did the former, do a remind me bot for 5 years, and I assure you you will not be happy you yielded to bad decisions.

  20. It’s sounds like she was stressed with studying.

    Instead of waiting it out, you got upset you were getting her attention. She told you several times she was stressed and busy.

    Why didn’t you just believe her ?

  21. What to you is the draw of her visiting you? I'm asking this because that'll be your reason for explaining why you want her to visit and that it's important that she make time for that.

    For example: for me it would be: meeting my friends, and/or showing her my favorite places where I online. Or simply seeing where I live!.

  22. So what, they should ruin her career and income by having her back out of a great job opportunity and go… Where? Back home?

    She might be the cause of the move, but that doesn't make his treatment her fault or make the answer harming her career.

    Ntm for all we know his looking old is a matter of self care.

  23. “does it matter who i am watching” and after a while he switched theme and got angry at me for not taking care of our plant. It was weird.

  24. Yes, I'm serious and you shouldn't invalidate my feelings. Your first sentence is very aggressive and there is no need to be like that. This is a platform to help each other, remember that. Also, could be helpful to read the rules in this channel. Thank you for your time, but I can't read your entire response because I'm afraid that could be hurtful. Once again, thank you for your time.

  25. That’s for you to decide. Are you ok with living with these feelings? Do you enjoy feeling like this? There is no magic panacea for this kind of thing. People will give you anecdotes like try thinking of something else or get therapy, but those very rarely work.

    You need experience man. You need to know what it’s like being in a relationship where you don’t have these feelings. God knows she needs to learn how to have a healthy relationship as well.

    There are all kinds of women out there, and all kinds of relationships. I get the feeling you’re mixing up your feelings of being happy she’s with you with being happy in the relationship. There’s a very big difference, and it’s a big trap you can fall into, especially for someone with little experience.

  26. Why wouldn’t she cut the bestie out of her life? Her “best friend” is not a best friend at all. She groomed and took advantage of OP’s wife. If I were OP’s wife, I would never talk to bestie ever again.

  27. Honey, a good therapist can help you get to the root of why you'd stay in a relationship with someone like this.

    When she had no job, what did she do?

    Take a step back, press pause. Figure out if this relationship truly serves your needs or not.

    You deserve a soft life full of love and a partner who contributes meaningfully to that, you are worthy.

  28. Yes, all of this is him. I do question if he can treat me so purely if he really loves me, but I also understand what childhood trauma can do. It’s what’s had me so conflicted – the person he is loving vs the person he is when he acts like he hates me

  29. Your post was very hot to understand, so I hope I have the story straight.

    But I think none of this is anything you should involve yourself in.

    The cast of characters are your Mom, your Dad, your Sister (event organizer), your Brother, and his wife — your Sister-in-law, SIL. There are also the three children of Brother and SIL.

    What was the event your sister was arranging that your father thought was unsuitable for children?

    You skimmed over this, but I think it is important because what occurred afterwards was directly tied to it.

    my father jokingly sent a message saying something along the lines of “we would like to do activities together and not be responsible for child care over the holiday”

    This does not sound like a joke. It sounds like he believed he and your Mom were expected to watch the grandchildren while your Sister, your Brother, and SIL enjoyed the event. Were they? Had your sister set it up like that?

    At this point, your SIL flips out at your father for expressing disinterest in acting as babysitter during the holiday, and announces that her family (SIL, Brother, 3 Kids) aren't coming.

    Your SIL'S animosity towards your father seems out of proportion to the circumstances. It seems like there's some history here that you might not be aware of.

    You could calmly and privately ask your Brother what happened, if you want to satisfy your curiosity. But don't do it with the intent of resolving anything.

  30. Damn, it’s a really good observation. I guess I have plenty of my own emotional baggage I need to sort through.

  31. This, I actually have/had a male best friend that my fiance at the time was very wary of, they got along buddy-buddy for a time, but it stopped. Probably because my fiance thought my friend wanted me. Anyways my point is, that 100000% one of the two would have told me what went down. Especially my best friend, he would tell me what happened even if he was angry and wanting to end the friendship over it. There is def something off or missing here.

  32. The likelihood is your own parents are cheaters and they're 'fine' with cheating behaviors.

    I would say that it's GREAT that you have your own shiny backbone and knows your boundary. You will not tolerate cheating and I think that you did the right thing by breaking it off.

    Now, if you haven't already, get yourself into counseling because it is clear that you have an unsupportive family.

    Then, you need to go LC to NC with your family. Tell them this, if they keep in contact with your ex and keep pushing you to reconcile, you will not be in your family's life anymore. Then you let them choose. So if they choose your ex, it's them cutting you off, they choose him over you.

    It's not your fault that you're around toxic, unsupportive family.

  33. If someone is getting mad at you for something and not just taking time to understand you, and just talk with you, they’re most likely even worse with other things. Not trying to make you feel bad or anything, but what’s next? There is always going to be something “you do wrong” and this is how things snowball. The subtle red flags get missed very often, don’t miss them🚩 You’re young, you’ve got plenty of time to figure the dating department out. Don’t give your precious time to dudes who do not respect you.

  34. Lmaooo seriously.

    It is entertaining to hear his mental thought process displayed for other to see though!

  35. Of course we online together.

    The problem I see with living together without marriage is that such an arrangement each person has one foot out the door already, being unwilling to take the more resolute step of actually getting marriage, with all the commitments this comes with. Couples that live! together and then marry are far more likely to divorce than couples who marry without living together first.

  36. Maybe your boss is filling an emotional need that your husband used to fill. You should probably try to talk to him and reconnect with him. Maybe do some couples therapy too, communication is key

  37. Just be grateful this has come up before marriage.

    Say no. If it ends the relationship, thats better than living in misery until you get totally fed up, divorce, and you get stuck with alimony. Or maybe worse, childcare costs on top. Id be very cautious being intimate until this is sorted because a baby trap is another possibilty and then of course MIL moves in “to help”

  38. Just be grateful this has come up before marriage.

    Say no. If it ends the relationship, thats better than living in misery until you get totally fed up, divorce, and you get stuck with alimony. Or maybe worse, childcare costs on top. Id be very cautious being intimate until this is sorted because a baby trap is another possibilty and then of course MIL moves in “to help”

  39. He has many issues, that would justify break up by itself.

    More importantly however you need to be single for some time. Learn again how it is to not be in relationship, amd who you are without a partner in your life.

  40. If you are looking for a relationship with more “traditional” roles, there are plenty of women out there who are happy to take on the role of a homemaker: she’ll cook the bacon that you bring home.

    Do you really want to continue to parent this woman?

  41. I understand your point more clearly now, thank you. You are right on the aspect of commitment, I can understand that. Obviously OP cannot control her emotions about him now.

    I believe his reaction is valid (apart from the threats), because it's normal to be scared, but so is hers. And if they don't find common ground, I also think they should part ways.

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