I’m (f28) having trouble for giving my fiancé (m35) how do I move forward?


Im a real estate agent who loves a good fixer upper! I offered to renovate a property of my fiancé’s (with no charge to him) so that he could get top dollar for it. The project was a much larger undertaking than I expected but I had the time and flexibility. I looked at it as a great learning opportunity for myself and a way to make his life less stressful. He has a very demanding job and never could’ve done it on his own.

When the renovation was completed and it came time to list the house, he wanted to sell it FSBO?! It’s a special property on a very busy street. We online in a small town where it’s very difficult to get your foot in the door selling high end real estate unless you’re from here (which I’m not) or have an opportunity like this. The sale would’ve been huge for my career. When I told him how hurt and offended I was (especially after all I had done to help him) he just got defensive and said his reason was to save money. I explained to him how much the house meant to me and how it would help my career tremendously but he didn’t seem to care. I even offered to do the deal for free leaving him with nothing but the brokerage fee but even then he wouldn’t budge.

It never dawned on me that he wouldn’t use me as the listing agent. I thought he would’ve been excited for me to list it. I’m so hurt and don’t know if I can get past this. For me, It goes far beyond the the sale of the home. It’s the principle. How could someone that loves me so much not want to see me reap the rewards of something I work so hard for? It’s been months since the house sold and I still have trouble accepting it. I’m turning to Reddit for outsiders opinions.

A little bit background information:

The property consisted 7 units. One of which was a short term rental managed by a company. The other 6 units I managed myself to save him time and money. I did this all for free because he’s my fiancé. I wanted to help him assuming he want to help me when the time came. I do well finically but he’s 7 years older than me and makes a lot more than I do given he’s had more time to establish his career then I have.

Date: May 23, 2023

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