I’m (28M) embarrassed about a spotlight being shined on my loneliness at our (28F) wedding


My soon to be wife and her parents want a wedding for her to be in Mexico where they’re from. I have no siblings or really any relationship with any family. I only have “surface-level” friends who would not go to another country for my wedding.

My wife has a big family and will have her sisters and a childhood best friend as bridesmaid. Since i have no one, she’s assigned her brother, cousin, and best friend’s boyfriend and brother as my groomsmen. I feel VERY embarrassed already for her asking them and especially the bestfriend’s brother and boyfriend because they havent even confirmed yet. Just a “why us?”

I also cant help but think that all her family will just be thinking “wow this guy had no friends or family here at his wedding?”

I’ve always been pretty anti-social and kept to myself and i’m very thankful to have an SO who is cool with that, but i just feel very embarrassed and ashamed about this whole thing and felt like i needed to vent. We weren’t even going to have a wedding but her parents insisted and now after talking more about it, she’s excited to have one and i don’t want to take that away from her and her parents.

Date: May 24, 2023

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