Girlfriend (26F) got drunk and caused a scene because she didn’t want to watch a movie with subtitles on because our friend (25F) is deaf.


Hi. After taking a read of some posts here. I think it's important I start with context of the preexisting relationships.

Marzia is the deaf / hearing impaired friend. We've only really gotten to know her over the course of the past year. We've been friends with her sister, Rachel, since college. Marzia really started to associate with us when she started to date, David. Another friend of ours since college. She didn't have much to do with us before then.

Rachel kinda set the two of them up when she found out Marzia had a crush on Dave. They've been dating for about a year now. They recently moved in together and invited a bunch of friends to their house. And that's where the story picks up to yesterday.

We had a few drinks at their house and decided to watch a horror movie. David put the subtitles on and this is where my girlfriend, Annie, decided to embarrass us both. She started to tell David she didn't want the subtitles on because they're distracting. David told her that it's tough shit because Marzia needs them. Then she said that it's a horror movie. Marzia won't get scared anyway because she can't hear the jumpscares.

At this point myself and a few other friends were telling her to drop it. She kept rolling her eyes and making a general embarrassment of herself. Cindy (a friend that was also there) looked over at her and told her to just stop it. Annie then just questioned how they communicate in more intimate moments, to put it nicely. David just asked us both to leave at that point.

We argued on the car ride home. We argued when we got home. And we argued this morning. We're sleeping in seperate rooms at the moment. Annie has this habit of when she feels like she's backed into a corner. Drunk or sober just becomes extremely difficult.

And I guess I'm looking for advice on how to handle not only Annie, but the friends as well. How can I get it through to her that she acted like an idiot and apologise? Because I'm at my end with this.

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