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Date: December 9, 2022

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  1. They've been friends longer than you have known her. It would be very controlling to tell her she cant see her friend. If they wanted to be together they would be. She chose you OP. Don't fuck it up.

  2. I guess to me the ramen would be so smelly and bother other people, so I thought it was basic manner to not cause distress to others in that way.

    It's actually my bf who brought it up that if his mom gets old and ill or something we would have to live with her and take care of her.

  3. It sounds to me from your comments that there's a lot of other elements in your marriage that you'll find are actually not healthy for you once you start unpacking things in therapy.

    Just because something was the best choice for you to escape one abusive situation as a teenager, it doesn't mean that it will always be the best life you can lead. In fact, it makes you more vulnerable to controlling behaviour and emotional abuse from your partner.

    You deserve so much more, and I really hope that therapy can help you to believe that and build a better life for yourself.

    Re: your friends all loving him, I'd like to think that they might pleasantly surprise you, but if it feels unsafe then trust your instincts.

  4. I’m 38 5’6”, heaviest I have weighed is maybe 178ish. I current weigh anywhere between 150-155. I work from home and also live a pretty sedentary lifestyle. My wife has told me I am fat before, which to me is the equivalent of saying she isn’t attracted to me. I more so took it as motivation to lose weight. And honestly I wasn’t happy with my weight at my heaviest and I knew I was overweight. Don’t kid yourself, 180 at 5’6” is definitely overweight. You gain the weight not only in your main body mass but also in your face as well. Maybe you are more muscular than I am, but I was not happy being almost 180 and I knew I was wayyy out of shape. Hell I still am out of shape, just skinnier.

    Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you get to completely let yourself go and turn into someone else. She can still love you and not be attracted to you, but it’s up to you to WANT to be attractive for her. If you just don’t care about how you look and let yourself go, what does that say about how you feel she perceives you?

    My wife didn’t need to call me fat for me to know I was fat, I knew I was overweight and looked like shit. And I chose that at the time. But now I choose to not be fat and take better care of myself, not only for me but for my wife/kids too.

    So for you to say you have feelings of resentment towards your wife for telling you the truth? To me that sounds selfish as hell. Listen to her, she is your life partner, be the man she wants you to be.

  5. Well, two things wrong about that.

    Being turned on doesn't mean you want it. In fact, many victims of rape report being very confused because their bodies responded to it while their minds absolutely did not. Some people have even had orgasms during their rapes. That doesn't mean they wanted to be raped. Men can get hot without being turned on. For instance, a lot of men wake up naked. Doesn't mean much. Honestly, in this case he probably was turned on, but RE: #1, that doesn't mean he wanted it to happen.

    I'm not trying to be mean here but you seem to have a very immature idea of how sexuality works.

    I'm also not saying you should stay with the guy, because I know jack about him, but in this specific case no, he was not in the wrong just because he got nude.

  6. Yes its definately just him. Its an absolutely pattern of repeating behaviour.

    Stop letting him live rent free in your head, block him everywhere and find someone else.

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