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Date: October 3, 2022

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  1. I hope your husband told you as soon as the nudes were received. That's not your friend and I personally would cut her off like yesterday

  2. You can't do anything. These are choices he is making, based on narratives he's created on his own. He has shown you he does not respect your privacy, and does not think you are an honest, ethical person. Why does he want to date you if he thinks you're a lying cheater? Either he's using insecurity as an excuse to control you, or he's not ready to be in a relationship. Either way, this is not a healthy place for you

  3. Work gatherings, social gatherings when I was still at uni, social events in my town, hanging out with my friends etc

  4. In my experience, social media and the internet have opened up the doors for these emotional affairs. I have had numerous platonic guy friends text me and ask me the same things. It’s like they are addicted to the interaction of the texting, not actually wanting to meet in person. When I was in junior high, we would be having boyfriends but only ever talking on the phone and never actually meeting in person. A lot of men are attracted to new and different and so they start up texting convos thinking they are harmless, but ultimately it leads to cheating. I ended up developing a crush on the boy who would text me wyd all the time

  5. We've dated for over a year, I just didn't want to make it too specific! Sorry for causing misunderstanding! But still, yes, not for relatively “long.”

  6. This. He’s not that into you. Not wanting to do the work. And your shared child isn’t enough of a reason to stay in the relationship. Walk away. Choose yourself and the child.

  7. That sucks. I hope you can see the positive of this soon. Anyone who would do this to you is truly giving you a gift, because they don’t deserve you.

  8. I’m sorry but you are just judging me. I came here for advice because my bf isn’t angry when I told him which is confusing me, i looked up here about relationship advice and found this and thought I would post my story and see if anyone has any thoughts on why, I don’t need rude comments and saying I’m lying, what would be the point on lying, I wish it wasn’t true but in life stuff happens and we all do stuff we wish we can take back, I didn’t come on her to get judged for what I did. If you have a problem with me then feel free to message me

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  10. They’re being extremely clear and it seems like they’re all done with him. I’m not sure why they’re all dancing around it instead of just telling you guys, and it’s a bit messed up that you joined in laughing at his expense. You must not be happy, or compatible.

  11. I agree it should be investigated, and I agree that the prey drive is less likely simply because it hasn’t shown up before. But I don’t think that’s enough to rule it out, and I don’t think that these comments about the dog being dangerous in general are founded on anything other than public misconceptions about dogs as well as people being biased by their own personal anecdotes.

  12. Thank you for this, it's very rational which I feel is rare. You're right, they are separate issues so I shouldn't lump them together. The more I think about it, I feel bothered about this whole in depth life talk that she had with her coworker because I feel as the one she'd be having the kid with, that conversation should happen with me. There were some things that she said they talked about, some of her fears/concerns she was having, and she hasn't shared those with me. So that struck a nerve. But I just have to accept that this is something I don't have experience with, so I shouldn't take issue with her getting reassurance from someone else.

  13. Oh god I'm so sorry. You don't have to tell his wife, but I think I would in your shoes. She might not believe you, but at least you'll know you tried to warn her? But at the same time it's technically not your problem so if you just want to walk away you're entitled to do that.

  14. Why does he need to invite her for a drink when he doesn't hang out with her or do any sporting with her?

    What's his goal?

  15. Dude, you're a meal ticket, the fact it took 20 years to figure out your wife doesn't like you is brutal, but it's better to know I guess.

    Also, she's definitely into women.

  16. The answer to this is easy. Either he finds the activities exhausting or he finds your friends exhausting. He’s probably an introvert.

    He can go but while some people feel more energetic in certain environments (like around big crowds of people), some people find it saps them of energy instead. Try doing other things with your friends. Or doing things with his friends. Observe if there’s a noticeable difference in environment when he does stuff with his friends (in person, not over the Internet) than you with your friends.

    If so, that’s your answer.

    If not, have a talk with him.

  17. That’s what I’m trying to figure out, if I put my kids first. When I think about what they witnessed between me and their father, there is no doubt that I put them first. When I am absorbed in music and a satisfying relationship, I’m well aware that I’m not putting them first. So I create rules for myself like only working on music when I don’t have them, and talking to the bandmate when they are in bed. I know where my fear of being alone stems and I have had moments of clarity where I could see myself alone and be totally content, but I will only do that if my relationship is unsatisfying or unhealthy.

  18. But the way you mention it in the post, it is like you are giving him ultimatum. 'You divorse, then I have to quit school and chsnge course'. That is why he is stuck. He knows you like your course and he will feel guilty for making you quit.

    Why dont you decide for a change.

  19. So she doesn’t want to have sex and the compromise you reached is having sex….? Sounds like you’re pressuring her into doing something she doesn’t want to do.

  20. Spray her with a bottle and tell her you will shit in her litter box if she doesn’t change her ways. But in seriousness, idk. That’s a weird situation.

  21. Does your boss have a wife, or ex wife and kids you don’t know about? There is 11 years difference in your ages, so it is quite possible he has a kid with someone else. This was at best sexual coercion…you were tipsy and with someone who should have actual in a professional manner, because he is your boss. At the very least, he should have shown restraint. But he did not, and if you were willing to engage, he should have insisted on wearing a condom. At 29 he knows better. Consider what is best for YOU and do it asap. A child will affect you for the rest of your life. It is nude enough to be 18 without being saddled with a child as a single mother for the next 18.

  22. Love is respect and he doesn’t respect you. And you’ve done nothing but told him that he can do whatever he wants and you’ll still be waiting there like an abused lapdog, present jobless and wedding situation included. And it seems like he just doesn’t want what you want, and that’s key because feelings aren’t enough, and I think you know that. I know you love him, or at least some idea of him, but you have to love (respect) yourself first for your relationships with other people to be healthy and mutually beneficial.

  23. i can promise that the type of relationship we have, there is no cheating. we’ve gone through hours of therapy and have worked through a TON together. we respect each other, and truly love each other. like i stated above, i came to let people know it IS possible to have a healthy, happy relationship after cheating or being labeled a cheater. YOU can grow as a person. you are not always a cheater. you will not always have that red stained A on your chest. you can make the choices and changes. it isn’t once a cheater always a cheater. it’s a mindset that changes.

  24. Step one is decide if you want to date/sleep with him. I would suggest against it since you work with him.

    Once you make a decision about what you want it’s time to talk to him.

  25. You can do the version of “pay your respects” as an acquaintance of a family member. show up for your sister, then absquatulate (french exit, Irish goodbye). You don't have to mingle, or go up to the casket.

    I know you said you won't forgive, but this may be a good opportunity to lay this burden down and “bury” this in that casket. If you don't mind the ask, how did you find out they are lying in the story they gave you, thinking you were not alive? Please get therapy. You have gone far too long with this trauma. Love yourself, and heal.

  26. He’s excluding you from his life because he‘a hiding something from you where it’s serious enough that he’s misrepresenting himself.

    As much as you want to talk to him about it – I suggest you do some investigation yourself. You gave him 2 years to tell you the truth about his situation and he dragged you along for 2 years.

  27. If he wants an entire room for his own man cave (which is totally good and fine imho), then he should be willing to pay extra money for a room that he would almost exclusively be benefiting from.

  28. Leave him alone and work on yourself.

    What I suspect you miss is someone doing things for you rather than the man himself. Just reading the way you described him still, does not look like love.

  29. Marital rape is still rape, and it’s illegal. He is NOT a great guy, he’s a Taoist who thinks you owe him sex and he’s forced you into birthing children as well. I’m sure you love your kids but YOU get to decide when you want to reproduce, not just “I guess I’m having a baby because I was raped.” Where does this stop? When he actually hurts you? What if he’s in a shitty mood and he decides you were trying to deny him his “right” to sex and that a beating will put you right? You are NOT safe with this man.

    Please get out.

  30. she’s just worried he’s going to burn himself out

    That's what I read too. She's really concerned he is not treating himself in the ways she used to know he loved to previously. I think it's time to find out the current ways he likes to treat himself. Maybe him treating himself is creating date nights for them to be together. Maybe his definition of happiness itself has changed with their personal growth as well.

    If my partner suddenly stopped doing almost all the things they used to do for pleasure I would be rather confused and worried too.

    Just communicate with your partner.

  31. Yeh no, you cant possibly speak for everyone when you assume that people dont care about someone’s past. The past can be huge predictors of certain behaviours.

    What the past entails definitely is key to whether someone cares or not, but the blanket statement that people dont care about another’s past shows most people lack due diligence when seeking or meeting potential mates.

  32. She doesn't have to get a new number. She can just block this random.

    Not going to bars anymore is extremely dramatic.

  33. Is repeatedly accusing someone of cheating abuse? I’d never thought of it that way. Every time I ask her about her ex she turns it on me so that makes sense that it’s abuse

  34. he goes to therapy once every two weeks, in a few weeks he'll be doing EMDR. The only thing I can really help him with is to get his car fixed by helping pay a deductible. I just feel so helpless.

    Yeahh he has “type 1 manic anger”, as he put it. that's good (well not good, but you hopefully know what i mean) to hear he's not exactly losing interest in me

  35. Don't ask to see the messages. Honestly. If she is cheating and smart she will delete messages that tell the story. If she isn't smart she will fuck up at the latest if he stays over.

    If she is not cheating this will tell her how much you distrust her and a relationship without trust is not doable in the long term.

    From my perspective: i have nicknames for close friends. Equivalents of them are similar to “my love” and I use those for male and female friends alike. Hetero, gay or bi – idc.

  36. I can see other comments in the notifications, but I can't see them in the post, so I can't reply. I'm very sorry:( I'll check the app later and reply to you all.

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