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Date: December 12, 2022

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  1. The only reason i say willingly is thats what a witness said, they left together to the room willingly, if she was in a state of being pushed out id assume someone would have went to check the situation. Again shes not to blame for the assault but from whats being said she was willing to go with this guy to the room.

  2. Disengage from her. Stop talking to her. Stop doing anything for her. Dinner is a meal for one. Only do your laundry. You buy no food only she like. Cancel her phone if you pay for it. Any streaming services you don't enjoy but pay for get canceled.

  3. Right, to nato's running costs. But actual manpower and equipment comes direct from the US hence the 100k troops currently stationed over there- including about 30k in Germany

  4. I think asking him outright is the only way I’d feel comfortable with. Most of our mutual friends came after we got together and I’m not very comfortable asking his friends about the situation. I don’t know who all knows but you bring up a lot of good questions that I know I need to ask him for sure now. I don’t know how to start this conversation tho.

  5. On the sisters end, it makes me think she noticed some red flags about him, tried to talk to her younger sister about it, only to be shot down all the time with excuses for him, or coming from him. She probably felt this was the only way to wake OP up and get her head out of the sand.

  6. She did not gave a reason for the no contact. She only said she does not trust we will not get in an argue again, and that is the reason that she wants to stop and that she cant handle the discussions on whatsapp anymore, i promised to do better but she does not accept it. She does not give any explanation why she wants no contact at all now, her mom says she wants rest, we were really in love, i really dont understand how she can handle this having no contact at all

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