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Date: March 25, 2023

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  1. Your friend has problems, I would completely cut off someone who thought that horrible video was funny. He also knew it would effect you since you love cats, why did he want to do that to you? Your friend is sick.

  2. If you're not already working with a medical professional that would be the first move. No non trained individual is going to be able to talk you down off the ledge constantly. The average non psychologist cannot offer you “a little more support”. Don't make this her problem unless you've actively taking measures to stabilize your mental illness.

  3. I don’t understand how some people are afraid to open their mouths and speak up. Tell him go shower because you stink. That’s it. You shouldn’t be worried about his feeling because he’s certainly not worried about yours if he showers once a week.

  4. Your ex will try to sleep with you at the first opportunity and your boyfriend isn’t an idiot so he’s fully aware of your exes intentions. You’re naive as fuck if you think maintaining a friendship with an ex is healthy for your current relationship.

  5. I'm really naïve about when a girl is flirting with me. So maybe your bf is too? Have you pointed out what is flirting and what is just friends?

    Second, in a relationship, he needs to also understand your feelings. Especially when it's not every gal, but just the way this gal acts with him. Ask him how he would feel if a guy is flirting with you? And would he feel comfortable with that? Also tell him this really does hurt your feelings and don't be shy to tell him this could become a deal breaker. Hope you can resolve this.

  6. Socialism never took root in America because we’re not fucking morons and we can see it’s literally never worked anywhere.

  7. If you’re struggling, he’s just trying to care for you.

    If he were struggling would you just let him deal with it alone?

    Sit him down; talk to him about your worries and find plans together on how to deal with it.

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